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About Us

Images from KAN FRATERNITÉ -  Diabetes Camp 2017, Haiti. 


Kay Mackenson (Haitian Creole translation for “Mackenson’s House”) is a clinic that caters to children with chronic, non-communicable diseases. We focus on early detection, management, education and prevention of acute and chronic complications of a variety of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disorders and juvenile arthritis. 

Kay Mackenson Clinic is a stand-alone facility with both an inpatient and outpatient capacity. Patients are predominantly referred from health centers in the Artibonite, Central Plateau and the Northern Departments, although patients from across the country access KMC’s care. 


KMC’s care delivery model relies on speciality-trained nurses to provide all routine ambulatory and inpatient care, with supervision by a physician, and external pediatric subspecialty expertise for medical provider training, disease protocol development and implementation, and subspecialty consultation, as indicated. The model emphasizes comprehensive, high quality, patient and family-centered care. Nurses are available at KMC 24 hours per day for inpatient care, as well as outpatient follow up clinic visits and follow up or emergency phone calls. An electronic medical record allows for consistent documentation as well as remote consultation and communication with pediatric subspecialist consultants. 



Mission, Vision & Values

Kay Mackenson’s goal is to improve the health of Haitian children suffering from chronic illnesses by providing high quality, compassionate, family-centered care.

Our People

Our staff consists of on-site Haitian professionals and volunteers, and a group of international consultants.

The Clinic

Kay Mackenson Clinic was founded in 2012 in order to fill a health care delivery gap for children with non-communicable diseases needing chronic medical care in Haiti.

We are grateful to all our local, national and international partners for their collaboration and joint effort and dedication to providing affordable healthcare to Haitian children with chronic disease.

Our Partners

The Kay Mackenson Research Program aims at improving knowledge in the area of pediatric chronic disease in Haiti.


The centre offers free long-term disease management and monitoring that is setting-adapted and family-centred.

Clinical Programs
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