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kan fraternité

1 Child

 Diabetes Camp. 

3 days, 2 nights, accommodation, food & activities.


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62 PAtients.

20 Staff

100 PAtients.

30 Staff

Diabetes Summer for children with diabetes and other chronic medical conditions have become an integral part of diabetes care in many countries all over the world.


Kay Makenson Clinic organizes each summer KAN FRATERITÉ, where children get the opportunity to feel “normal” among their peers, to experience each other’s support, and to participate in educational workshops such as nutritional management of diabetes, self-care, reducing psychosocial stress and stigma, family planning with diabetes; as well as art, photography, sports, theater, dance and much more! 

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"Camp is a place to leave all the negative things outside" Patient KMC

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Medical Volunteer.

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