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News from Kay Mackenson

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World Diabetes Day at Kay Mackenson

November 2016

Until now, diabetes in children is little known in the Haitian population. The World Diabetes Day 2016 was a great opportunity for us to go to the community to make this disease entity better known.

November 9, 2016

Mackenson Bonnell, 20, never cried, never asked “Why?” and never thought life was unfair when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes three years ago. He was living in Haiti at the time and needed medical attention.

December 2016

A year and a half after five-year-old Waina Dorcelus arrived in Montreal to save her leg, she is nearly ready to return to Haiti.

Kay Mackenson Nurses Join Diabetes Camp in Montreal, Canada

July 2016

Viviane Lorgeat and Marie-Christine Mascary go to Montreal to learn how to set up Kay Mackenson's own first camp for children with diabetes. A wonderful mutual experience about to turn into a long lasting partnership. We cannot wait to start an exchange program for staff and patients!

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Kay Mackenson (Haitian Creole translation for “Mackenson’s House”) is a clinic that caters to children with chronic, non-communicable diseases. We focus on early detection, management, education and prevention of acute and chronic complications of a variety of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disorders and juvenile arthritis.


See one, do one and Teach one.


Advance today for a better tomorrow …our clinical research programs.

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School Programs


Kay Mackenson finances the education of approximately 35 patients. Donate now to invest in our patients' futures.


Camp Kay Mackenson


Diabetes camp is a fun, effective and heartfelt way to help young diabetics learn how to live with their condition. To make this camp a reality for 60 campers we need to raise $10,000.


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