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Our Volunteers

Interested in volunteering in Haiti at Kay Mackenson Clinic? Send an email to and we'll be in touch! Also, check out our Camp page for a look at our yearly summer camp!


Past and Current Volunteers:


Dr. Ben Meza, senior medicine-pediatrics resident at the University of Miami, FL.

Dr. Sara Gonzalez, global health pediatrician in Boston, MA.

Dr. Brittany Potts, global health pediatrician, Akron Children’s Hospital, OH.

Dr. Xin She, global health pediatrician, San Francisco, CA.

Pamela Shwartz, educator and diabetes advocate from Boston, MA.

Lauren Spranger, college student and diabetes patient advocate.

Zahra Kamal, master's student in epidemiology, McGill University, QC, Canada.

Bidjinie Coriolan, master's student in epidemiology, McGill University, QC, Canada.

Aleksandra Pruszynska, master's student, University of Montreal, QC, Canada.

Mary Teeler, college student in Austin, TX.

Amanda Tang, pharmacist in Boston, MA

Jeffrey Pierre-Paul, pharmacist in Boston, MA

Molly Gilligan, medical student, University of Minnesota

Beatrice Duvert, research assistant

Daniele Skopek, program manager, New Balance Foundation at Boston Children’s Hospital, MA.

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