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Summer camps for children with diabetes and other chronic medical conditions has become an integral part of diabetes care in many countries all over the world. The idea of such camps is to provide children living with chronic health conditions a respite and true camp experience while surrounded and supported by their peers and safely monitored by a dedicated and experienced health care team.  

At camp, children learn or deepen their knowledge about diabetes management in an encourage, supportive and fun environment. Camp is also a time to mingle and form friendships with peers, and a time away from feeling different. Children who attend diabetes camp often return encouraged and empowered to take care of and live productive, fulfilled lives with diabetes.

The Kay Mackenson Camp

The Kay Mackenson Camp “Kam Fratenite” was started in 2016, with 62 patients and over 20 staff and volunteers attending. Nurses Viviane and Marie-Christine had spent a week at Camp Carowanis near Montreal, Canada, to gain field experience and apply lessons learned to their very first own camp. The camp was generously supported by a one-time start-up fund from the Life for a Child program, and was a tremendous success for all involved. Kay Mackenson is committed to raising sufficient funds to make a yearly camp a reality going forward.

Knowing that diabetes touches children across the planet, the Kay Mackenson Clinic has started an exchange program with Camp Carowanis ( . Our team is making every effort to have 2 staff and 2 patients visit the Montreal-based camp in 2017, while hoping for an eventual return visit from Canadian staff and participants.

Volunteer With Us

If you would like to be volunteer at one of our camps, we would love to hear from you! Email us at and tell us a little about your interest in voluteering with us. 

Sponsor a Child for Camp

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